Digital Projects

The project Luigi Cosenza - Mediterranean architecture, proposed and realized by CLEAN (Cooperativa Libraia Editrice Architettura Napoli), that since 1979 promotes the right to education in the specific field of architecture through several and diversified activities, from Library to Publishing House , to cultural initiatives in discipline, regards digitalization and internet upload of engineer Luigi Cosenza’s private Archive, eminent designer (Naples 1905-1984), who practiced his activity in the field of architecture, urban planning and socio-political commitment, distinguishing himself for the high intellectual and ethical profile, since his first project Mercato Ittico (fish market), realized in 1929 when he was only 24 years old, considered to be one of the masterpieces of rationalist architecture, to Villa Oro, Olivetti Factory in Pozzuoli, Naples Urban Plan in 1945, to popular housing during post War reconstruction, the Faculty of Engineering in Naples, to the enlargement of Rome National Gallery of Modern Art.

The digital conversion and upload of the Archive realizes the aim of allowing distribution, using the tools of modern technology, to a broad, not-only-insider audience, the history, realization and ideas of an European personality who strongly influenced the twentieth century culture. Many delegations of students and professors from the whole world come to visit Luigi Cosenza’s work (see, website designed by CLEAN several years ago) and frequently ask to get access to documents, and famous museums (MAXXI in Rome, Centre Pompidou in Paris) are interested as well in exhibiting drawings, projects and realizations. With the upload, Universities, Libraries, Cultural Center, Associations, professional societies, Institutions, Local and Territorial authorities, privates will have access to a considerable cultural heritage with scientific and systematic approach and to tread an intellectual journey within a design experience that must not be forgotten.

Therefore, the main aim of the project has been to recover and protect Luigi Cosenza’s Archive, testimony of the thought and work of a great Neapolitan heir with the intent of valorizing an excellent Campanian cultural heritage.